Introducing the Aurora Mystery Box.

A fun 19cmx19cmx19cm cardboard box filled with plenty of cat toys, cat treats, an Aurora Plushie and Aurora stickers. Each box has 15 items that are a complete mystery - how fun! There are only 5 boxes and are numbered accordingly. So you can choose which number to purchase. Numbers through #1 to #5.

Examples of what to expect:
-cat nip
-cat nip toys
-feather toys
-fish water toy
-cat treats (beef, turkey, etc.)
-canned cat food (chicken, anchovy, etc.)
-Aurora Plushie (every box has 1)
-Aurora stickers (every box has 1)

Keep in mind each box has a different assortment of products, therefore the weight will also be different. 

The Aurora Mystery box is intended for cat owners.

Aurora Mystery Box