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Long time no see! It has been forever since we made a blog post, that due to a combination of laziness and us moving recently. Now we are all settled in and hope to be more active on here. As a moving in present, Petsexpert were very kind and gave us one of their cat trees. We thought that it would be a great opportunity to write the first blog post of 2018. Below you will also be able to watch a video of Aurora's and Philly's reactions to the tree being unpacked, built and finished.


Our new cat tree from Petsexpert If you follow us on Instagram (@aurorapurr and @phillypurr) or YouTube then you probably already knew that Aurora and Philly recently got a new cat tree. We've made a lot of Instagram stories and also created a longer YouTube video showing it being built with the cats reactions to it. You can watch the video further down in this post.

It was so cute to watch them see it being built. They were like impatient children during Christmas and couldn't wait for it to be finished before they started jumping on, climbing and scratching it.

What we really like about it is that it's very sturdy and stable. Both Aurora and Philly are big cats (especially Philly) so they need a tree that can handle them being rambunctious.

It also looks nice and fits well into our home. We are able to alternate between having it on our balcony (which has glass windows so that the cats don't fall) and in our living room. At the time being, we are keeping it out on the balcony - they love sitting at the top and watching over the birds and bugs that fly by in their neighbourhood. We built it in no time with very easy instructions. They came with a detailed description of how to build it, step-by-step. The only thing slowing us down from putting it together was the fact that the cats were up sniffing and scratching every new piece we put together.

Once again we are very thankful that Petsexpert were so kind to give us this tree! Below the video we have a more detailed description of the cat tree with measurements etc.

Watch the full YouTube video here:

Trixie - Carlos Scratching Post XXL

Scratching, hiding, cuddling, climbing and enjoying the view: TRIXIE scratching posts and furniture fulfil many functions and meet all cat needs.

  • Posts wrapped in extra thick natural sisal

  • Cave fitted with plush, with reversible cushion

  • Reversible cushion: washable by hand

  • Platform with removable cuddly bed

  • Cuddly bed with reversible cushion: washable by hand

  • Colour: light grey

  • Post: ø 15 cm

  • Height: 159 cm

  • Floor area: 94x78 cm

Link to the product: https://www.petsexpert.se/products/49079-trixie-carlos-scratching-post-xxl