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Product Review - PrettyLitter™

Welcome! This is Aurora's first product review on her newly enhanced website - we hope you enjoy. We want to offer insight, advice and our honest opinion on cat related items to better help other pet parents.

Aurora (and Philly) have received a package from PrettyLitter and decided to give it a try. At first glance we noticed the pretty appearance of the litter itself, and that upon pouring the litter into the box there was no dust like traditional clay litter. The litter also does not clump but instead absorbs moisture, traps all odour, and eliminates urine - you only scoop the doo! The winning factor is that the PrettyLitter formula helps monitor your cat's health by detecting abnormalities in your cat's urine such as acidity, alkalinity levels and blood. Essentially, the litter will change color to detect any abnormalities. Yellow to olive green is normal. Dark green to blue indicates high alkalinity. Orange indicates acidity and red indicates the presence of blood.

*It's important to note that PrettyLitter does not monitor every potential medical issue and that you should make regular visits to the vet.

You may watch Aurora's experience with PrettyLitter here.

Ordering your PrettyLitter is easy and luckily for Aurora's followers we have a special discount for you. The code is: PURR20 for 20% off! Link: http://bit.ly/2MhkzJm In conclusion, the Purr family is very pleased with the quality and ability to monitor our kitties health. By far the best litter product we have ever used. Thanks again to PrettyLitter!